• Launched in 2014, BionPharma was founded by a team of executives and professionals with years of cumulative experience in the generics industry.

  • Bionpharma’s goals are to develop and commercialize affordable quality generics and building strong and effective partnerships.

  • Based in Princeton, New Jersey, and with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina

  • BionPharma is licensed to do business in the United States and is accomplished in the areas of product development, regulatory affairs, quality management, sales and distribution, and supply chain management.

  • Today, Bionpharma is one of the largest suppliers of soft gel capsules in the US market with a strong presence in both the prescription and over-the-counter markets.

  • Bionpharma enjoys a presence in all the pharmacy chains across the US market, with online presence for certain of our OTC products on Amazon