Drug safety or Pharmacovigilance, as it is also called, is the pharmacological science relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.


  1. Are your soft gelatin products manufactured in the USA?
  2. YES-all our soft gelatin capsules are manufactured right here in the USA using ingredients originating from various countries.

  3. What is source of the gelatin in your softgel products?
  4. All our soft gelatin products contain gelatin, but they are derived from BOVINE sources and DO NOT contain Pork or pork ingredients. Please consult your doctor for allergen information

  5. Do you offer any rebate or patient support program?
  6. Unfortunately, Bion does not have any rebate or similar programs at this time for any of our products. We do our best to manufacture and supply the Products to consumers at cost-effective prices. Sometimes insurance and co-pay premiums affect the pricing of drugs. Please consult your pharmacist for pricing.

  7. Do you offer any expired products return policy
  8. Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept any expired products.

  9. Does Bionpharma have a Drug Safety line?
  10. We at Bionpharma are very sensitive to the fact that many consumers consume our products and we want to ensure that these products are safe and effective.

    If any of our consumer has an undesirable effect after consuming our product, we encourage them to contact their physician immediately and report the event to us directly.

    For more specific inquiries, refer to the following:
    Product Inquiry (PI), content or ingredients, please contact DRUGSAFETY@bionpharma.com
    Medical Inquiry (MI) please contact DRUGSAFETY@bionpharma.com
    Product Quality Complaint (PQC), labeling and/or packaging, please contact COMPLAINTS@bionpharma.com
    Adverse Event (AE), adverse reaction and/or medical occurrence (AE), please contact

    Phone Number