Q1 2019

  • OTC private label products launched with all major retailers
  • A+ health line of OTC products launched on Amazon.
  • Bionafem - the first bilingual labeled OTC Oral Contraceptive launched.
  • Initiatives to internalize R&D initiated with signing an definitive agreement with Nuwill for acquiring the company. Closure in 2020.
  • 8 product approvals obtained from FDA and 4 more ANDA's filed with FDA.
  • Bion completes 5 years in the US generic space.

Q3 2018

  • 4 product approval from own R&D and launch.
  • First day 1 launches of products on patent expiry.
  • OTC portfolio internalized. Infrastructure and personnel set up for onboarding OTC.
  • Licensing agreement signed for 1st branded OTC product.
  • 6 ANDA's filed with the FDA

Q1 2017

  • Complete re-launch of all product in own label.
  • Invstement in Core Rx - A CDMO in Florida.
  • 8 products filed with FDA
  • Internailized 2 RX products from partners.
  • MSA signed with Core Rx for commercializing.
  • 5 products developed and filed from Core Rx.


Q4 2016

  • Bionpharma commercial in all states.
  • Products launched with all retailers.
  • Organization grows from 6 to 12 people Office established in NC.
  • All marketing partners onboarded.
  • 1st product filed from own R&D efforts.

Q2 2015

  • 2nd round of funding closed.
  • Board of directors appointed.
  • Two Partnership agreement for development of products concluded.
  • Commercial product in licensing concluded.
  • 3 PL in place for distributing products.
  • State licenses obtained.
  • 1st Commercial product launched.
  • Acquisition of product portfolio concluded.

Q4 2014

  • Bionpharma Incorporated.
  • 1st round funding closed
  • Inlicensing agreement signed with pharmascience
  • 1st product put into development