Bionpharma endeavors to bring quality generics to the market across therapeutic areas. For doing so we constantly evaluate products that can add value to all stake holders and the health‐Care system. This enables us to work on the development of these products and put them through the FDA approval process. Bionpharma is engaged In product development in different geographies across the World.

One of the cornerstones of Bionpharma will be to nurture and build partnerships with companies having good capabilities and aspiring to commercialize their products in the US and other markets. Bionpharma shall not only provide a selling and distribution platform to its partners but will also work with partners to share knowledge on business dynamics and changing environment so that the partners understand and suitably channelize their resources to maximize the opportunities of the markets with Bionpharma. Bionpharma shall leverage its own strengths and that of the partners to provide a mutually beneficial growth opportunity for the partnership.

Currently Bionpharma is engaged in different types of partnerships spanning Manufacturing, Distribution, In licensing, Out licensing and Product Development with companies across different geographies. We are and will be open to partnerships with other companies across the globe and are willing to work with them including sharing risks to build a valuable business.

Potential partners interested in association with Bionpharma may contact us with your proposals at